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UTA CASH根据未来替代货币的战略核心价值提供全球金融专业人员提供的各种内容.

Goodtime FX

The total amount of cash circulating in the world in 2006 was approximately 450 trillion U.S. dollars (currently estimated at more than 600 trillion U.S. dollars). At present, the circulation of banknotes and coins is only about 5 trillion US dollars. (Where does the funds from $400 to $450 trillion come from? 90% of the funds are already in the number of computers.

Advantages of UTA-CASH

UTA-CASH can be exchanged for various currencies such as dollars, yen, yuan, won, euro, pound, etc., and is a globalized currency that enables electronic commerce, shopping malls, various shops in Asia, and individual transactions.

Market size of electronic money

As of 2006, only 10% of the total $ 600 trillion is circulated, and 90% of the $ 400-500 trillion is in circulation and not in circulation..


Now is the age of virtual e-money..

Affordable and fast system

Because it does not go through a third party such as a financial institution, it can be managed quickly and conveniently anywhere in the world regardless of commission or waiting time.

Value retention investment means

Total issuance is fixed, free from declining value due to inflation, value remains constant over time, value increases as demand rises.

Global currency

It is a means of trading that is rational, transparent and anonymous. UTA-CASH allows people alienated in finance to participate in global financial transactions and attach various program commands to an open money platform.

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